Democracy- the government of the people, by the people, for the people. But you already know this. We have been taught this definition of democracy over and over again in many standards. But there is one main pillar of democracy that our school books never mentioned about-Opposition. An opposition is a party that takes up a stand and represents the common man at a time when the ruling party is in majority or is not able to run the country smoothly. It also puts out alternatives and countermeasures for any issue to the government, if the countrymen or opposition feel that country is not on the path of progress and the social and economic reform of the country is deteriorating.
Well to keep the ruling party in check and to keep the essence of democracy alive, opposition is crucial. There are two types of opposition.
1. Constructive opposition- which strengthens the country as a whole
2. Disruptive opposition- it brings chaos to any democracy and holds back the country on every front from progress
But in no case, ruling or opposition party is supposed to defame the country itself.

Watching the news bulletin for past couple of months and reading the views of our opposition leaders on social media has made me certain of one thing that is India is heading towards a chaotic situation at the political front. Our opposition is hyperactively involved in criticizing every move of the government rather than asking the right questions and discussing the existing problems in our country. In the race for the well known supreme chair, the leaders have been so dedicated that they didn’t even miss an opportunity to drag our reputed Indian forces into their political vendetta.

I have seen my grandpa and my father-in-law who have belonged to the defense personnel’s background and I am sure you might be knowing someone from Indian Army or Airforce or Navy too.Even after years of retirement, I have seen them waking up early in the morning and maintaining a level of discipline throughout their lives. Something that we have always commended. Whenever we talk about discipline in any context, the first example that everyone of us would be giving to each other would be of our Indian forces. One of the most reputed and highly professional forces in the world and our leaders try to defame the Army’s reputation to save their own vote banks. Instead of asking the state police or the CM office staff, a state CM goes on record and blames Army of forming a military coup to support the ruling party. If that was not enough, the WB state CM also threatens them with a legal action against them, if they don’t leave the state.

But the question that I want to ask is Why would an Indian CM or citizen be afraid to see their own Army on the road? If not in their own state, then where is the Indian Army supposed to perform their routine exercise? Why do the increasing number of Bangladeshi immigrants don’t bother the CM; but when it comes to our own Army it indicates some imaginary conspiracy? Why instead of checking with the state police or concerned agencies first, a state CM directly asks for proof of permission from The Indian Army which is one of the apolitical institutions in our country?

And the painful part is that she is not the first and the only CM to do so. A couple of months back, another state CM goes on record and asks for proof of surgical strikes from our own Army. Because it doesn’t matter what our DGMO says or what our own Defence Minister says, these leaders trust Pakistan more. If Pakistani media is neglecting any such claim, they must be telling the truth. In this, these people do forget that if we started believing Pakistan on everything they said, then the present situation in India would have been very different today.

Let’s have a quick look at what our opposition leaders have been saying so far.

1. Rahul Gandhi, Congress VP- He hardly knows anything about politics. According to him, Politics is in your pant, your shirt and God only knows where else. He can’t even criticize the ruling government properly. You pick any of his speeches available on the Internet and you would be laughing your head off while listening to the speech rather than trying to understand what he actually means. A leader who believes in making fun of initiatives like Swachh Bharat, Make In India and blames the PM and the government for pushing India towards a cashless economy, is definitely one of the rarest leaders in the world.
AS per the current statistics, Belgium, France, and Canada are one of the top cashless countries in the world. It is evident from the below image.


But if India starts progressing towards a cashless society, then it seems like a jest to the opposition parties. Because anyway who cares about the country’s betterment, corruption and black money are more important.

2. Arvind Kejriwal, Delhi CM- He seems more of a comedian than a politician. When India is trying to isolate Pakistan globally and even the Pak media is worried about it ( see the image from Dawn newspaper headquartered in Karachi, Pakistan); the CM tweets that instead of Pakistan, India is facing the isolation. Bravo!


He tweets and calls PM Modi as coward and psychopath. This can happen only in India. At a time, when every party, leader and person of the country across the world would unite for the country’s development, back in India, we have our opposition leaders defaming our own country just for a political benefit. A leader who gets elected by full-fledged elections wins by a majority and is well supported by the public; It is utterly shameful of anyone who just goes on record to declare the national leader a psychopath.

3. Mamata Banerjee, West Bengal CM- In August 2014, Representatives of trade unions and activists under the Right to Food Campaign, who visited five abandoned and closed tea gardens in north Bengal, had urged the State government to ensure minimum living wages to the tea garden workers. There were numerous people who were starving to death but didn’t get any justice till date.
Also, in December 2015, an International Fact Finding Mission (FFM) headed by the Global Network for the Right to Food and Nutrition (GNRtFN) visited tea plantations in Assam and West Bengal…objective of the Mission was to investigate the status of the human right to food and nutrition and related rights of tea plantation workers and the role played by the management of tea estates, companies, and the government bodies…the team witnessed a hazardous combination of extremely low wages, precarious working conditions, inadequate housing and sanitation, structural violence against women, as well as lack of access to water, education, and healthcare
The leaders who themselves have been involved in major scams and have turned a blind eye towards poor so far are now worried about the poor people’s lives. This is really difficult to digest.

4. Farooq Abdullah, former J&K CM- He went one step ahead. He questioned India’s claim on PoK and said that it isn’t its paternal property. “Kya yeh tumare baap ka hai (Is this your fathers’ property)?”. Well, the answer is yes! It does belong to my ancestors, as before 1947 there was no Pakistan itself.

There are much more such political leaders to go on, but I guess that will just hurt everyone of us more. Instead of blaming others, if our state CMs would have been doing what they were elected to do, then they wouldn’t have been rebuked over the social media and we would have taken them seriously. Instead of dragging the country behind, if these leaders would have contributed to the progress of the country, people would have supported them.

At the end, all I can say is that as an Indian citizen I am hurt seeing the dirty politics we are witnessing today. I hope a day comes when both ruling and opposition party understands the importance of why people elected them and would start working to develop the country; keeping their personal agendas aside.